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 Terms & Conditions of Cake Orders

Full terms and conditions for The Vintage Tea & Cake Company are as follows :


Deposit payment will deem that the terms and conditions are understood and accepted on your cake order

Prices are non-negotiable and are priced according to the design and size of your cake. 


A non refundable deposit will be required to secure your date 

Quotes are valid for 4 weeks but we cannot guarantee your date until the deposit is paid.

Celebration cakes & cupcakes require a 50% non refundable deposit and final balance to be paid 14 days prior to delivery / collection. Wedding orders require a £100 non refundable deposit at time of booking with the final balance to be paid 4 weeks before delivery.


Payment should be made via bank transfer to our bank account - details will be on the quote / invoice.

Please email us once payment has been made so that we can confirm payment has been received.


If cancellation of an order takes place we reserve the right to retain the non refundable deposit.

Celebration cakes - if cancelled within the 14 days before the delivery/collection date then full payment will be required.

Wedding orders - if cancelled within the 4 weeks before the delivery date then full payment will be required.

Cancellation must be made in writing, preferably via email to The Vintage Tea & Cake Company and must be acknowledged by us at

If your event is postponed we will do our best to transfer the order to a new date but cannot guarantee that this will be possible due to other commitments. If we are unable to transfer the order to your new date it will be treated as a cancellation as above.

We retain the right to cancel bookings in exceptional circumstances beyond our control but a full refund will be given.


Please read through your quote thoroughly, any amendments to your order must be made in writing, preferably email within 4 weeks of 

your booking date. 

Fresh Flowers

If you would like fresh flowers for your wedding cake then we suggest you order these from your florist for continuity.

These will not be included in the price of the cake but we are happy to arrange the flowers on the cake.

Not all flowers are suitable as some are toxic and may contaminate your cake, we cannot be held responsible for this and would suggest you check with your florist.


We do not supply gluten, dairy, egg or nut free cakes. Although these ingredients can be removed from cakes they are still used in our kitchen and therefore we are unable to guarantee that our cakes are completely free of them.

Non Edible Items / Decorations

Most decorated cakes will contain a small amount of inedible items. It is the clients responsibility to ensure these are removed by your caterer / guests before consumption. e.g. Support dowels in tiered cakes, ribbon, wires in sugar flowers, flower picks etc.

A full list of inedible items will be supplied when the cake is delivered.

Some fresh flower are toxic - please discuss this with your florist to confirm there will be no contamination to the cake.

Delivery / Collection / Damage

Delivery and setup will be calculated on a mileage and time basis, this will be discussed at the time of booking with a minimum fee of £35.

We intend on delivering your cake in perfect condition prior to the start of your event.

We always allow plenty of time but we do ask for your patience with factors that may be beyond our control and we cannot be held responsible for such as adverse weather conditions and traffic accidents.

It is the responsibility of the customer to supply us with the correct venue address, postcode and event time to avoid any unnecessary delays. It would also be helpful to let us know if the venue is particularly difficult to find or difficult to get to.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage to the cake once it has been delivered to the venue and signed for.

We will require someone you deem responsible to check and sign that they are happy with the cake before we leave the venue.

We will not be held responsible for any damage to cakes that are collected from us once they leave our premises.

If damage does occur once we have delivered a cake or it has been collected then we may be able to offer a repair but this will costed accordingly, including travel costs.

Best Before / Storage / Consumption

Our portion guides are intended as a guide only, this will vary dependent on how the chef cuts the cake.

Please store your cake in the delivery box in a cool room away from direct heat and out of direct sunlight, cling film can be used to cover any exposed edges to preserve freshness.

Cake can be stored in an airtight container but this will make any sugar paste / decorations soft.

Sugar paste cakes should not be refrigerated as this will cause condensation to form on the surface.

Refrigeration also accelerates the staling of the cake.

The cake is best eaten within 48 hours of delivery.

If you have any concerns about your cake please notify us upon delivery / collection so that we have the opportunity to rectify it in time for the event.

The Vintage Tea & Cake Company


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